Scottsdale Independent Articles

by Betty Janik

Opinion: Is the party finally over?

“The Arizona State Legislature has established regulations that eliminated the ability of cities, like Scottsdale, to regulate rental units based on classification or use (HOA’s are exempt).
Previously, rentals of 30 days or less were prohibited in Scottsdale. Enter the short term rental (STR) quagmire…”

A salute to our Scottsdale teachers

“Teachers inspire students and students inspire teachers. Let’s give a shout out to all teachers for their inspiration, especially in the difficult time of COVID. They have been teaching our children from a distance, not an easy task. The biggest perk of teaching is helping a student reach a mile stone in their education…”

Does Council Help developers at Citizens Expense?

Scottsdale Progress, Sunday July 5, 2020 (page 22)

“The City Council offers a “bonus” or an incentive to developers to design and build in areas that the council considers blighted or are highly desirable locations to drive growth…”

I hear Scottsdale citizens, community concerns

“As a resident of Scottsdale for 16 years, I have seen significant change. Some positive, but more recently the changes have been unwelcome. Over development is a major concern. The current City Council majority has approved virtually every request from developers for zoning changes over the past four years….”

COGS endorses candidates for mayor, City Council

“Coalition of Greater Scottsdale recently announced its endorsements of Bob Littlefield for Scottsdale mayor a Betty Janik, Guy Phillips and Tom Durham for Scottsdale City Council…”

Part 2 reforming Scottsdale’s ethics code

“In a May 26 article in the Independent, we discussed the implications of the ethics hearing on the anonymous gifting to Guy Phillips for assistance with hospital bills…”

A proposal for reforming Scottsdale’s ethics code

“The Scottsdale ethics code has been in the news lately, largely due to the ethics complaint filed against Councilmember Guy Phillips.
On May 5, 2020 a panel of three independent judges (the “Ethics Panel”) held that Mr. Phillips…”

An idea for Scottsdale to take a step in the right direction

“With looming restaurant and small business closures, it appears to me that there might be a way to soften some of the economic impact of COVID-19 and social distancing on these establishments…”

Navigating tough times as Scottsdale looks to regain its footing

“By now many of us are tired of the stay at home order and wishing for life to return to normal. The lock-down began March 31, tightened April 4, and continued to April 30 and has now been…”

A scary time for medical professionals and their families

“I’m scared. This time it’s personal. My daughter, Dr. Tracey, is a neurologist at a community hospital near Boston. She is on call today. Her shift started this morning. She will…”

Scottsdale shows good judgment on signage issue

“I was one of 50-plus people in attendance at the City of Scottsdale community outreach meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 12, at the Grayhawk Community Center. The intent of this meeting was to provide…”

A Scottsdale City Council candidate responsive to residents

“As a resident of Scottsdale for 16 years, I have seen significant change in our community. Some of it has been positive, but more recently the over development has become a major concern…”

This time it’s personal

“Questions 1, 2 and 3 are very personal to me and my family. The 58 projects in the $319 million program will help our first responders, our seniors and our arts community. My family is very…”

COGS formally opposes current Scottsdale development direction

“The Coalition of Greater Scottsdale strongly opposes the current practice of increasing height and density to dramatically increase the city’s population at the expense of both resident’s quality of life and the city’s fiscal health….”