Betty Janik

For Scottsdale City Council

My Story

Born and raised in Chicago, I have always been a pioneer. I was one of the early women in the sciences; one of only 3 women in a class of 65 earning a BS in Chemistry from University of Illinois Chicago. After college I was employed by GD Searle, one of the premiere pharmaceutical companies of the era. There my primary research concentrated on dissolving blood clots – an endeavor which was awarded international publication. Thereafter I took time off to start a family. When my husband established his practice in Denver, I returned to my love of the sciences as a teacher. I taught math and science for nearly 10 years at both the middle school and high school level, including in the prestigious Cherry Creek School District outside of Denver. I also worked in programs benefiting under-resourced students through outreach programs in remote school districts, and as a tutor in the “No Child Left Behind” program.

Hi, I’m Betty Janik! With your help, I look forward to shaping the direction of Scottsdale as a vibrant and resident-friendly city for many years to come.

My Mom at 95 Years Young

Mountain Hike with Husband (Joe)

Joe (Husband), My 1st Signature

My Story (Cont.)

As a tireless community volunteer wherever I have lived, I was on the managing and funding boards of two successful U S Swimming competitive youth teams in Denver for many years. Upon arrival in Arizona I volunteered for over 6 years at the Arizona Science Center, developing classes in the Life Sciences and received three awards for my service there. I have served on several HOA’s in Chicago, Denver, and Scottsdale.

I am the past President of the Board of the Coalition for Greater Scottsdale. I also served on the Steering Committee “For the Best Scottsdale” advocating for the successful capital bond proposals supporting significant projects in Scottsdale.

Of all my achievements, I am most proud of my role as a wife and mother. My husband Joe, a pediatric surgeon (now retired), and I have been married for 47 years. We have 3 grown children, all physicians, and 7 delightful grandchildren. I am proud to know that all our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will forever enjoy the McDowell Sonoran Preserve as pristine Sonoran Desert. I am looking forward to shaping the direction of Scottsdale as a vibrant and resident-friendly city for many years to come.